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Podcast Trailer Released

The trailer for “Prospects for Success” has been released! Quenton and Michael are looking forward to the start of another great season of Prospect League baseball, and the launch of a new podcast on

Check out the trailer, and keep watching for our first episode once the season begins on June 1!

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Coming Soon!

“Prospects for Success,” a podcast about our experiences as fans of Prospect League Baseball, will be debuting soon! Quenton and his dad, Michael, will be bringing you an inside look at their perspective on Prospect League Baseball in the 2022 season.

Quenton is a long-time fan of the West Virginia Miners. His dad, Michael, has been a fan of the Chillicothe Paints since before they joined the Prospect League in 2009.

Get ready for a lot of Prospect League shenanigans as Quenton and Michael discuss the latest happenings around the league, and especially their favorite teams throughout the Prospect League summer season!