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S1 E10 – Interview with Brandon Daniels of the Lafayette Aviators

We interview Lafayette Aviators’ outfielder, Brandon Daniels, and we talk about transitioning from 1B to OF, playing ball in the midwest vs. the south, the first thing he would do at Wrigley Field, the importance of faith in baseball and life, and… Roll Tide or War Eagle???

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S1 E7 – Interview with Ryan Kearney (O’Fallon Hoots Broadcaster)

TECHNICAL ISSUE Due to user error on Michael’s part, there was a bad echo in Ryan’s part of the audio. We cleaned it up about the best we could, but we will look at re-recording this episode to get a higher quality version. It sounds like we were interviewing him through the stadium PA microphone -phone -phone….

We talk with Ryan Kearney, broadcaster with the O’Fallon Hoots, about his first season with the team, the differences between gameday operations for baseball and hockey, and the best places to get food in The Windy City!

Also, we pass along our deepest sympathies on the passing of Springfield Lucky Horseshoes and Lakeland College sophomore pitcher Lucas Otto, who tragically lost his life in an auto accident during the season.

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S1 E5 – Halfway through the First Half, and Walkup Music

We are halfway through the first half of the season already!  Who is leading each division?  Who will hold on to win the first half, and who will falter?  Also, we talk about what our walkup music would be, and Quenton lets Michael know what he thinks of his 80s-inspired choice! (Here’s a hint: Quenton is NOT a fan!)

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S1 E4 – Who’s Hot, Who’s Not? Players and Teams to Watch!

Two weeks in! We talk about which team is surprising us at the bottom of their division, and which players are having a great season so far (hint: it’s Nick Lallathin, Eddie Leon, and DJ Anderson!). We also consider if anyone can catch the Alton River Dragons, and give our thoughts on the possible team names for the Jackson, TN, team joining the Prospect League in 2023!

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